I think it’s nothing new to us designers that we happen to work alone on certain projects, or even be the only designer in the company. Even though this is not a wishful scenario, it is for sure a frequently met situation.

A UI/UX designer’s work doesn’t usually require an artistic mindset, but it’s not maths either, so it is still a usual part of a designer’s life to get stuck in the middle of a creative process. If you’re not stuck, maybe you got so used to ‘your baby’ that you’re not able to think straight and objective anymore. This might turn into making bad decisions, and even arguing with the boss or the client, trying to excuse and even argument your nonetheless bad choices.

Maybe you’re not alone, maybe you’re just afraid of being critiqued (not criticized). And if this is the case, you should educate yourself and understand that if you think your design is perfect from the beginning, the chances that it actually isn’t are close to 99.9%. This means that if the only pair of eyes who saw the design are yours, you should think again and share it with other fellow designers.

Or with us! Our  goal is to raise awareness regarding the need of real feedback in order to evolve quickly and beautifully in your career, as well as avoid doing the same ‘simple and stupid’ mistakes that are just waiting for someone to point them out. The world needs more great designers!

We promise we will not be harsh and we will argument every comment. Every week we will choose 5-10 designs (depending on complexity) and post an article with the comments.

Please be aware that by sending us the design you accept that it will be published on our website, so make sure you don’t have NDAs signed with the company or client that you are working with (don’t worry, all the rights remain yours).

You can send us a link to your portfolio, as well as your name, if you’re not afraid to show up in front of everyone. If you want to stay anonymous that’s ok too, we respect your decision.

This being said, send us your design sample at hello [at] designerstavern.com with the subject ‘Design Sample For Weekly Feedback’.