So your boss just came in with a new client project: he wants a never seen before social network. He has a revolutionary idea and you’re in charge with the hard work. Defining the idea, the target audience, making research, creating the brand and thinking the UX.

This is not one of those easy projects, so keep in mind that having a well-defined process is very important, and this should start with a series of thorough research. Even though some of the links below mind not sound like they’re in your field, you must understand how a social network works and enter in the right mindset.

We gathered some good links on articles, examples, tips & tricks regarding the topic, hoping they will come as a helping hand.


Articles and books:

Social Network Design. UX for communication

Where Social Media Is Headed In 2017: The Biggest Trends To Watch For

Inside Instagram’s Reinvention

Why I Was So Wrong About Snapchat And Why You Probably Are Too

Reactions: Not Everything In Life is Likable

Good news beats bad on social networks

7 Social Media Psychology Studies That Will Make Your Marketing Smarter

Nir Eyal – Hooked – “A must read for everyone who cares about driving customer engagement.”



Nir Eyal – Building Habit Forming Products

Hacking Shyness – Designing Social Interaction

Design for Engagement

Beyond Usable: Mapping Emotion to Experience

Ted videos on Social Media Marketing


Examples & Inspiration:

Stroll Social Network by YOMAGICK

Twitter Redesign by Igor Pascoal

Social Media Mockups by Jozoor

What if LinkedIn was beautiful by Gregoire Vella

Facebook Redesign by Roland Hidvegi

Social Network UI/UX by Waseem Arshad (high-fidelity wireframes)

Red white UI by Gleb Kuznetsov

Dark stories by Jan Losert

Social Network Landing Page by Saepul Rohman

Twitch Redesign

Facebook in material design by uixNinja (web and mobile)

Sisu – Talk Out Loud! by Oncel Cebeci (mobile only)


Freebies for overcoming the creative block:

Fire Social App – Free Mobile UI Kit by Vadivel G

Phoenix UI: Vol 1 – for iPhone 6 / Free PSD & Sketch by Adrian Chiran

iPhone 6 UI – Free by Adrian Chiran


How technology hijacks people’s minds – from a magician and Google’s Design Ethicist


If we’ve missed anything or have a suggestion leave a comment below!